Community-Driven Security Initiatives

Razorpay’s security team believes in community-driven security. Learn from our open-source projects and contribute your own expertise to strengthen the industry.

  • How does Razorpay synchronize security with rapid software development
  • Streamlined vulnerability management, real-time insights, and automated precision.
  • Correlate threat intel, integrate feeds, assign relevance scores to IOCs.
  • Presented at Blackhat Arsenal USA 2023
Real Time DDOS Protection
  • RealTime DDOS Identification & Mitigation with ML
  • Blog Post Details – here
Building SAST program at Razorpay's Scale
  • Enhanced product security with Semgrep’s quick integration and efficient scans.
  • Integrated SAST into CI/CD pipeline for early detection.
  • Utilized bottom-up strategy for internal adoption and progress tracking.
  • Detailed blog post – here